We provide a better technology for renewable energy storage.

Utilities & Project Developers

CarbeniumTec non-aqueous RFBs are ideal for utility and project-developer applications. Our batteries offer the ability to control utility costs by storing energy for use during peak consumption times when rates are higher. Our fully sustainable battery provides unmatched power, environmental safety, and long cycle life.

Commercial & Industrial

As more commercial and industrial facilities seek to reduce their environmental impact by utilizing on renewable energy sources, CarbeniumTec batteries offer a solution to make storing energy more sustainable, more reliable, and less costly. Our non-aqueous RFB provides a high energy density combined with a small carbon footprint for sustainable power available any time.

Off-Grid & Microgrid

Energy consumers around the world require efficient battery configurations to supply power in areas that do not have access to a utility. CarbeniumTec provides a scalable battery configuration for off-grid and micro-grid use.


The transition towards residential energy efficiency continues to advance. CarbeniumTec fulfills the need for efficient, long-lasting, cost-effective energy storage ideal for powering homes. And unlike current technologies, residential non-aqueous RFBs are based on organic electrolytes that provide a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution that significantly reduces carbon emissions.