Long-duration sustainable power.

Our groundbreaking metal-free Redox Flow Battery enables a low-carbon future.

Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Battery

Powering Clean Energy Storage Efficiently

The world faces a great challenge in the quest for clean energy and a carbon-neutral economy: Efficient storage of electricity.

The primary problem for today’s renewable energy production is intermittency. For example, daylight creates solar electricity, but what happens when the sun sets and electricity production stops but the electricity demand continues?

Our Solution: Organic Redox Flow Batteries

Organic Redox Flow Batteries (RFBs)

Our Energy Storage Solution

Currently, the majority of RFBs use aqueous solutions of metal ions that require destructive mining and corrosive solvents.

Our non-aqueous, organic RFB overcomes the performance and environmental limitations of aqueous RFBs.

Metal-Free & Non-Toxic

Unique Symmetrical Design

Fast Charging Rate

High Cyclability

Minimal Cross-Contamination

Low Cost Synthetics & Membranes


Large-scale Energy Storage

We provide a better solution for renewable energy storage supporting grid services:

  • Frequency & voltage control services
  • Balancing markets
  • Demand response
  • Local flexibility
  • Operating reserve services
  • Transportation storage
Utilities & Developers
Commercial & Industrial
Off-Grid & Microgrid